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Salon Owner

This babe not only works behind the chair making her clients feel beautiful but she also owns this joint- with her best friend. To know Dede is to love her, she is kindness, joy and love personified. De has been behind the chair since 2009 and she strives to learn something new from every stylist she meets. She laughs with us, cries with us and shows us how to be the biggest Dolly fan in the room, Always.

Fun facts: De broke both hands as a middle school cheerleader and her first career, she was a surgical assistant and scrubbed in on some of the craziest surgeries known to man.




Salon Owner

Saryn is the other boss babe behind BB. Saryn has known De since the beginning of time, and these two went from riding around New Braunfels in De’s car at ages 16 and 12 to owning our dream salon. After going to college to become an Ag teacher she decided to follow her heart and go to beauty school. A year later they went in on owning a salon together- and they did it big!

Saryn has been behind the chair since 2013, and she can cut the most flawless and precise bobs I’ve ever seen y’all. Saryn reminds us to never take our lives too seriously, teaches us to stand up for ourselves, and never lets us forget the value of a good cheers with a good beer after a long day.

Fun facts: She sure is the biggest Selena fan I know, she did get life flighted to Dallas at 7 years old (47 stitches in her forehead later, she was fine).



Salon Manager

The strongest woman I know. April is the face of this place; she keeps us all on schedule, she keeps the boutique stocked and tidy, she keeps our product on order, she keeps track of all phone calls and appointments, she keeps our laundry going at all times, she wears so many hats and she wears them all so well. I don’t know what we would do without her. April makes every guest that walks in feel welcome and warm, but she also makes sure that all of our girls are always treated with kindness and respect by any and everybody who walks through our doors.She is the most dedicated mama I know and she is fiercely loyal. Her independence and her ability to keep it together, even in the hardest and most stressful situations, is beyond inspiring. April specializes in traditional full glam makeup as well as braiding and hair styling. April has been with us since 2018 and we truly have no idea what we did before her.

Fun facts: She does indeed have a small chicken farm full of her sweet little chicken babies that she loves so much and she did marry her middle school sweetheart (insane right?!)


Stylist & Social Media Guru

The red headed goddess…&&&& the queen behind the camera. Coral is our social media guru & the coolest chick on the planet. Coral creates ideas and turns anything she touches to GOLD. When De & saryn were ready to give up coral swooped in and revived everything about Beyond Blessed. 

Coral has the biggest personality and the sweetest and kindest soul I have ever known. She walks in the room and every head turns. Her positive energy & contagious laugh can brighten anyones day. She will blame any and everything that goes wrong on Mercury being in retrograde but she always has a solution for every problem that arises. Coral is one of the hardest workers I know and the backbone to our business. Anyone who is given the opportunity to be in her chair leaves with a better outlook on life and the most amazing cut & color you will ever see. We are so thankful for Coral & the amazing person that she is. 

Fun facts: She once tried to get a coyote in her car (she thought it needed help) & she can’t swim.



Amber is the one you can always count on. She is always ready to sign up for the next class or hair show with you, try the new technique she discovered and will always share all her behind the chair secrets. Amber has been with us for four years and we have loved watching her grow her business and her family in those four years.
She is never one to shy away from a good transformation or color correction. She is the queen of helping her clients find the perfect combination of color, extensions and cut to bring their dream here to life.

Fun fact: She once met Cher in Italy and that she went to college on a full ride music scholarship, yes- seriously, she is insanely talented in more ways than one y’all!



Kaitlyn is not only an insanely talented hairstylist, a health and fitness queen, she is also a resilient, strong, single mom. I’m convinced that she somehow has more than 24 hours in a day. Kaitlyn has been a hairstylist since 2014 and is licensed in multiple states, but we’re lucky enough to have her here in Texas with us for the long haul!

She not only slays all the brunettes, she also knows just how to make every color look perfectly dimensional, natural and sunkissed. Kaitlyn constantly pushes herself to be the best stylist she can be, and is always watching other stylists and asking questions to soak up all the knowledge she can. Kaitlyn is a lean, mean, hair coloring machine!!

Fun facts: Kaitlyn broke both ankles at once (on a trampoline, 8th grade year), she was born in Florida.



If you know Toni, you know she is a QUEEN. Not only is Toni beyond talented, she has also been behind the chair for 20 years. Toni is constantly pushing herself to learn and grow, she will search far and wide to find the next class and her next opportunity to learn.

Toni has trained and help grow some really amazing stylists in her years behind the chair. Her willingness to teach and share her tips and tricks are one of the many things we love about her. Toni is a wealth of knowledge and we can’t say enough good things about her. We are so lucky to have Toni on our team.

Fun facts: Toni was once featured in jeep weekly magazine and that she has been to 25 states!



Alisha, Alisha, Alisha. Our caffeine queen. We’ve never had anyone show up and feel like they had always been a part of the team like Alisha did. When she came to us she was teaching full time, had a bachelors in biology but wanted to follow her dreams of being a stylist. After her first day, we definitely knew we just found a gem with her. She is so eager to learn and grow, so helpful and so passionate about this industry.

It’s not always easy walking into a salon trying to find your groove and where you fit in, but Alisha dove in head first. Starting off as an assistant to now building her own dream clientele; we cannot wait to watch her grow. She is always humble, gracious and more talented than she even realizes.

Fun facts: Her husband is a chicken farmer and she did quit her day job as an educator to become a hair stylist.



Our sweet baby angel Rylie. Rylie started with us fresh out of beauty school and started assisting to grow her confidence and master her color techniques, we watched her spread her wings and grow into the strong, talented stylist she is today. Rylie is our animal whisperer and everything she does, she does with the hopes that it will make someone’s day a little bit better.

Not only is she talented behind the chair, she is also so inquisitive and always ready to learn. Her clients can feel that she pours her heart into every head of hair she does and it truly builds the most sincere connections with every person that sits in her chair. Rylie is the hair therapist you never knew you needed!

Fun facts: Her biggest fear is worms (yet she has the greenest thumb I’ve ever seen) and that she has 7 siblings!



She fit just perfectly, and started assisting early on to get her hands in some hair while learning the fundamentals. Andrea is always working hard, watching videos, asking questions, and pushing herself to grow. She works tirelessly to perfect every haircut, every foil, every single thing she does, and she is a true powerhouse behind the chair. Andrea also specializes in traditional and airbrush makeup; perfect for weddings or any special occasion. We love watching Drea’s passion for life in this industry grow. She is a mom to the sweetest little angel Paislee, and we love how much that motivates her to be the best possible version of herself.

Fun facts: She has had 3 tvs dropped on her head (umm.. what?!) and she’s allergic to dog saliva.

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