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Beaded Row Hair Extensions is a method of hair extensions that uses hand-tied/machine wefts of hair to create length and volume. They are installed by applying a track using beads and string which helps to evenly distribute the weight of the extension hair across the scalp. The extension methods we use here at Beyond Blessed are all customized to meet the needs of each specific client. We are all certified in different methods including Bellami, Babe, IBE, JZ Styles and Hair talk.

Each of these certifications have enabled us to achieve maximum results with little to no damage or discomfort! Wearing extensions does not limit the ways you can wash, dry, and style your hair. You can swim, work out, wear your hair up, and go about your day-to-day life almost exactly the way you would if you weren’t wearing extensions! Each install is custom cut and colored to meet your hair goals. Call us to set up your consultation for your dream hair today!


Where do you get the hair?

The best and original human hair comes from India and Europe. We carry Kitsune, Bellami, Hairtalk, and Babe.

Can my hair color be matched?

Yes. Hair arrives in a wide variety of colors. These various colors are well blended to create very good effect.

Are hair extensions good for me?

The best thing about Hair extensions is that the can be used by everybody. There are some factors that could make them unsuitable such as hair loss and damaged hair. You must also be committed to maintain your extensions, as they require much more care than your natural hair.

Do I need an extensions consult?

Yes. A consult is required. Your stylist will professionally advise you on the type of extensions best suited for you and your lifestyle.

How long do the extensions last?

It all depends on how well you maintain your hair. Our hair extensions can last up to 12 months, if proper 6 week maintenance and home care has been done. It is imperative to follow the home care program provided by your stylist and this will affect the total lifespan of your extensions.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

No! The most important thing is to ensure that they have been regularly maintained. This includes proper washing and proper adjustment every 6-8 weeks. It is known that people lose 92-110 pieces of hair daily and they get stuck in the beads of the extensions. When these extensions are done properly, no damage will happen.

Can my hair be colored along with extensions?

This should never be a problem. In most cases, you might need to replace the extensions when changing to another color since they may not perfectly match the new color of your normal hair.

Do hair extensions hurt?

NO. Properly installed hair extensions will never hurt. Some people experience mild headaches and discomfort for 1-2 days, but these go away when they get accustomed to the weight of the newly installed hair.

How do I prepare for an appointment?

The hair should always be clean and dry with no products applied such as oils, stylers or even conditioners. This is very important to make the extension as long lasting as possible.

How long does it take?

This process can take up to 3 hours and depends on your desired look and extension method chosen.

What is the cost of extensions?

The final cost is affected by many factors such as brand, color, type of extension, length, volume and hair condition. The typical cost range is $350- $1800 or more. These are discussed well during the consultation session because after settling on your style, the hair is ordered specifically for you.

Can I use the same treatment like before?

You will be advised on the correct maintenance items and products such as conditioners, brushes, and products. Always follow the recommendations of your stylist. Additional care may be required for the best extensions and this is explained during consultation. Poor maintenance leads to loss of the hair extensions and hence more frequent visits to the salon. This further adds to total cost as more time will be required to bring your hair back to shape.

Can I swim or go to the beach with my extensions?

Extensions can be affected by chlorine or salty water and extra caution must be exercised to avoid tangling, drying out and damages. Rinse hair first with tap water, then apply a leave in conditioner. This forms a protective layer that helps prevent salt damage, chlorine and effect of other chemicals. They also protect from ultraviolet rays. It is always crucial to use the correct hair care products and follow the recommendations from your stylist.

Can I take part in physical activities like tennis, running or workouts?

Extra precautions are required. It is always important to brush, wash and condition the hair as soon as possible after intense physical activity.


The perfect solution for our noncommitted extension gals.

Whether for a special occasion or the occasion called life, HALO products were designed with comfort and personal style in mind.  Thoughtfully crafted with only the finest 100% Remy Human Hair. HALOCOUTURE is a salon exclusive brand. One of our professionally trained stylists can help find you the perfect match!

HALOCOUTURE revolutionized the world of Extensions with The Original HALO®. Designed with comfort in mind, the easy application of the HALO® will transform your hair in a matter of seconds. This innovative idea is non-damaging and virtually undetectable. The look and feel of a HALOCOUTURE extension is beyond luxury. Our Professional Color Collection now offers 30 shades; Original and Balayage Colors, ensuring a seamless blend with your own hair. Whether you want to extend your length, add volume or enhance your color, The Original HALO® is the perfect Extension for everyone looking for a non -comitted hair transformation. Call us to set up your in-salon halo consult today!

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